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Review: Deadpool

Ever since the world saw a very strange Deadpool pop up in the Wolverine Origins film, there was a huge amount of hype surrounding the release of Deadpool’s very own movie (with a character closer resembling his comic book self). The wait is finally over and as with all things that are hyped up beyond belief, you sit and wonder was it all really worth it? For fans of the character, this will be a great experience that measures up to the hype. For onlookers like myself who couldn’t care less about the canon of a singular Marvel character, there is still a fun time to be had.

Ryan Reynolds reprises the role from his brief 2009 appearance and is in many ways the perfect man for the job. Let’s all just forget forever about that abomination called The Green Lantern and give the guy some props. While his job selection seems to be all over the place (ugh, R.I.P.D), this is the one for him. Bitter, twisted and completely impervious to what others think of him other than the love of his life. He manages somehow to show a soft side to a character that from the outset lacks any empathy. Ed Skrein (the “New Statham”?) is a worthy yet ultimately hopeless adversary, and is up to scratch here. T.J. Miller plays his funny guy yet again while Morena Baccarin is all sass.

First time director Tim Miller has a background in animation and special effects, and it pays off in his handling of the action sequences, which would be enough to sustain a lesser comic-book film on their own. What Miller manages to capture perfectly is the flurry of 90’s pop culture references and comedic tone that provides a balanced anti-hero, who berates his elderly blind roommate and is genuinely sweet with Vanessa.

Brutally bloody, full of decapitated heads and acrobatic gun-slingin’, the films juxtaposition between its visual gore and its comedic script provide a refreshing take on what the superhero can be, whether he is a good guy or not. Visually the film is great with its slow-mo and animations really playing into the overall aesthetic.

Everything that Deadpool does well is what the fans are there to see presumably. Not having read any of the comics and being unfamiliar, with most things to do with Deadpool, the film is an outside the box take on a superhero film and moves further away from more serious, gritty X-Men films. It’s funny, it’s bloody and it’s over the top in every way. Leave the brain at the door.

Also Stan Lee’s cameo is wonderful. Enjoy.

Review: Deadpool
February 10, 2016
For fans of the character, this will be a great experience that measures up to the hype.
7.5 Overall Score
Yep, it seems to be Deadpool

For fans of the character, this will be a great experience that measures up to the hype.

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