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Most Anticipated Upcoming Movies of 2015

There is a lot to come out this year, something that makes me very excited for what 2015 will be. Having a think about what I was really excited for this year, I came up with a bit of a list. There are a few notable omissions including Avengers: Age of Ultron (which I am very excited for but don’t feel it needs to be mentioned yet again), the new Terminator and a funky looking Mad Max 2 clone Mad Max: Fury Road. It’s impossible to mention everything and I probably did forget something, let me know what you are looking forward to in the comments below or through our social media channels!

And now in alphabetical order because it would be way to hard and nit picky to put them in some other order.

Black Mass

Johnny Depp, Kevin Bacon, Benedict Cumberbatch, Joel Edgerton, Sienna Miller and Dakota Johnson. Ok. Directed by Scott Cooper, director of Crazy Heart. Ok. True story of an alliance between the FBI and an Irish mob. Yeah, I’m in. The appeals of this are through the roof in every department. All we can hope, and pray, is for it to be something like The Departed.

Digging for Fire

Joe Swanberg, director of Drinking Buddies, brings along his faithful crew to make what I hope to be a surprise packet once again. Jack Johnson co-scripts this while starring alongside Anna Kendrick, Brie Larson, Sam Rockwell and Chris Messina. I know how much I enjoyed Drinking Buddies and if the feel of this film is at all the same, I am sure this will tickle my and a lot of others fancy.



This one I admit is more intrigue than anything else. It has been 4 years since we saw Vinny Chase and co. on screen in what was a pretty underwhelming final season of Entourage. How do you turn a show that runs a single narartive arch over a dozen episodes into a fun and substantial story that rounds itself out in a tight 2 hours. I have no idea, and that is half of the reason I am looking forward to seeing whatever is dished up.

Furious 7

One Last Ride. For P. Walker that is. Something I love about about the Fast and Furious movies is the progression that has happened over the decade and a bit from movies that were essentially just car porn into these out of this world ridiculous action movies. No longer are the crew street racers, instead they are superheroes. That drive really well. And aren’t friends, they’re family.

The Hateful Eight

New Tarantino, need I say more. With a great Tarantino cast, spearheaded by Channing Tatum and Samuel L. Jackson with a supporting cast made up of previous Tarantino castings including Zoe Bell, Tim Roth and Kurt Russell. Back again around the time of the Civil War, The Hateful Eight will follow bounty hunters in Wyoming. But honestly it could be Civil War Bring it On and I’d still check it out.

jurassic world

Jurassic World

The first trailer earned mixed reactions, but the idea of returning to the “world” of Jurassic Park is too good not to talk about. There is something about Chris Pratt that will always get me to watch. Whether its because I am stuck seeing him as the loveable, goofy Andy Dwyer or his superhero status as Star-Lord, there’s just something about C. Pratt. Also dinosaurs are awesome. More please.

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol was super good. For whatever reason 5 years on the sideline was good for the M:I series, returning bigger and better than ever with a film that you can say you genuinely loved rather than having to put a whole lot of disclaimers as to why you loved it. If Rogue Nation is anything like it, and the first trailer looks fantastic, then we are in for a hell of a ride.

The Revenant

You have to be somewhat excited about what the current Best Picture/Director holder is doing next and we find Alejandro González Iñárritu’s Birdman follow up in The Revenant. Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy head this 1800’s piece on a man out for revenge against the men that left him for dead. Very excited to see what this brings to the table.


The latest effort from Training Day director Antoine Fuqua, we find Jake Gyllenhaal as Billy Hope as a boxer struggling to rise through the ranks. Originally slated to star Marshall ‘Eminem’ Mathers in the lead role, this one interests me. Rita Ora is supposedly the surprise packet of the year with her performance in this, an idea that scares me but you can only wait and see.


Bond. James Bond. Daniel Craig is back again. When James Bond is approached by an unlikely source with a cryptic message, events are set in motion that will see him come face-to-face with a sinister organisation known as SPECTRE. As M continues fighting political pressures that threaten the future of MI6, Bond draws closer to uncovering a dangerous secret lying at the heart of SPECTRE that, if revealed, will force him to question the value of everything he has fought to protect. Yes, yes, yes.

star wars 7

Star Wars VII

Ok. Holy shit. That trailer. So a couple of things. I didn’t think Episode II was that bad. And I really like Episode III. Don’t mention The Phantom Menace. To me Star Wars is the pinnacle, not so much I, II and III but the original trilogy, nothing like it. If JJ can recapture some of that magic that made Star Wars so great, the broadsword lightsaber definitely isn’t hurting his chances, then the next trilogy will be a raging success. I know I said I wasn’t going to rank them, but this is number one.

Straight Outta Compton

A huge fan of hip-hop and rap, Straight Outta Compton strikes a particularly strong impression with a story that should be told to the masses. Anyone interested in the world of 90’s hip-hop or N.W.A at all should go along to see this. With Ice Cube’s son actually playing Ice Cube immersion will be strong. The trailer is a sight to behold and an incredibly exciting prospect.


This looks dumb. And sometimes you just need dumb. But maybe its amazingly smart. And sometimes we need a great smart but dumb movie. Amy Schumer pens and stars in this Judd Apatow directed comedy about relationships and the attempt to stay away from them. Receiving early acclaim from critics from a South by Southwest screening, this all star cameo cast is sure to give audiences the “oh wow” moments that everyone needs once in a while.

List done.

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